Website Search vs Yellow Pages

When was the last time you reached for the Yellow Pages to get hold of a plumber, pool specialist or Jukebox hire? Yellow Pages are old news and the only use they have is for making wedges in the shoes for athletes with injuries just like my physiotherapist does.

Searching for contacts and information on the internet makes more sense:

  • It’s fast

  • It’s reliable

  • It’s informative

  • It has recommendations

Advertising online also provides you as the service provider with:

  • Flexibility, you can present your business graphically, indicate your location and point the potential customer to your website where you are able to explain in detail your product or service

  • Cost effective solution, your online advert is less expensive than advertising in the yellow pages and you can be selective on when you advertise

  • Your advert can be changed and added to as and when you need to, a printed ad is what it is and will remain in the book for a year with no modifications

  • Feedback, your advert can be tracked and you will know exactly how many people are looking at your advert and whether or not they are actually getting to your website.

The yellow pages are only distributed to people with landlines and only once a year. The internet usage is growing on a daily basis and with the onset of mobile devices; this number is just growing exponentially. So it makes sense to advertise online.

Speak to us at UBizKit to find out more about advertising your business product or service online.

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